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Lady Ann’s Tea Room & Restaurant

This was a wonderful experience!

Ladies, if you haven’t been, you need to go for lunch at the Lady Ann’s Tea Room & Restaurant. The food is so delicious! Lady Ann’s Tea Room & Restaurant is an old house that they made into a restaurant. Ann makes all the delicious food for the guests. And who doesn’t love a 5 course meal with the ladies. You will need to make reservations either at 11am or 1:15pm during season Tuesday-Saturday (November-May) and off season is 11:30 & 12  (June-October) because this place books up quick. If you have a group of ladies you will want to make sure you make the reservation early on. They even have hats for you to wear while you eat!

I started off with a there signature lobster bisque which was absolutely delicious. My second dish I had was the salad with the vinaigrette dressing. Then for my entree I ordered the Cranberry and Chicken French Crepe and it was wonderful! They give you a delicious scones with the entree. For dessert I ordered the Cheesecake with Key Lime syrup drizzled on top! Everything was delicious and it was such a wonderful experience. It was nice not being rushed to eat, enjoying every course, and being able to catch up with a friend. I will definitely be back again!

Chicken and Cranberry Crepe at Lady's Ann Tea and Restaurant

Chicken and Cranberry Crepe at Lady’s Ann Tea and Restaurant


Delicous tea

Green Tea


Cheesecake drizzled with key lime sauce

Cheesecake drizzled with key lime sauce



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