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10 Resources to Make your Move a Cinch

Here are a few tips from Bluewater Realty Services to make your move easier.

1. Have an overnight bag

This bag will have all your toiletries, any items you will need immediately, laptop, and a change of clothes.

2. Organize your boxes

Use a different colored sticker on each box to label which room it goes to. Have a list of the colors with each room the color goes in.. You can also number each box to make sure you aren’t missing anything.

3. Feed your Helpers

Make sure you order pizza or have a few snacks ready for your helpers to keep them energized, while they help you move.

4. Use Styrofoam plates

Use Styrofoam plates between each glass plate to keep them organized and prevent them from breaking.

5. Take photos of cords

Take photos of the cords to your television before disabling them. This will help you remember where each cord is plugged in and will save you time.

6. Use Oven mitts

Put all your knives inside oven mitts to prevent anyone from getting hurt.

7. Use Clothing to save on bubble wrap

Wrap all your breakables in clothing, towels to save on bubble wrap. Use socks to wrap your glasses.

8. Change your address

Make sure you change your address two weeks to moving so you get all your mail. Don’t forget your credit cards, banks, etc.

9. Grocery trip

Make your last grocery trip two weeks prior to moving, so you are able to use up everything in your fridge.

10. Buy a roll of stretch tape

Stretch tape can be used to keep boxes held together so you can group multiple things together. It will keep your furniture from getting scuffed and scratched.


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