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Inside and Outside Home Tips for Sellers

Before listing your home, you will want to make sure the home is staged perfectly, so buyers feel right at home and want to move in. Follow these tips to help make your home more appealing to buyers.


  • Remove any furniture if needed to make the rooms feel larger and store in extra store space or storage unit. Go through each room in your house and completely declutter.  Take down or reduce the pictures and objects on the walls and repaint any areas needed.  A decluttered home helps buyers visualize where they will put their furniture and their own things.
  • Remove all unnecessary items on kitchen countertops, refrigerator, etc. In bathroom, remove all unnecessary items from countertops, tub and add scented candles, soaps, and lotions. Add one or two color towels to bathroom on countertops and towel bars.
  • Go through each room in the entire house and paint any room that needs paint, clean windows, and clean carpet and draperies that need it.
  • Before each showing, turn on ALL lights in the house, to make the house feel light and bright.IMG_1148-HDR(6)_pt-1280IMG_1178-HDR(6)_pt-1280


  • Prune the bushes and trees. Make sure none of the bushes or trees are blocking the windows. This will make the house appeal newer and give it a nice curb appeal.
  • Keep your lawn freshly cut, fertilized, and edged.
  • Remove any dead plants or weeds in your flower beds, and put down fresh mulch.
  • Check the condition of the exterior paint of your house, front door, and trim.
  • Attract your buyers past the front door by adding a beautiful welcome mat and potted flowers.


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